Strengthening the bond between owner and dog
are you at one with your pooch? let us help.

Busy schedule? Fido more than you can handle? No worries! From manners and obedience, to serious behavior issues, send em out to the country for some fun and learning!

Want to be more hands on with the training and have some social time for Fido and yourself? Group classes may be for you. We'll cover a variety of topics, from obedience to problem behavior.

To discuss training goals and schedule an appointment, contact us.

We are committed to helping you solve even the most bizarre behaviors.


  • Is Fido afraid of the shiny floor in the kitchen? 
  • Does he "surf" the counters for tasty morsels of your dinner? 
  • Maybe you just want him to have "manners" when you have guests.

Whatever the need, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best solution for you and your beloved pooch! Using a balanced and common sense approach we'll work together to achieve the relationship you had in mind when you brought your dog into your life in the first place. Let us help you with all your dog training needs in Birmingham and throughout Alabama. 

We have a solution for all your dog training and boarding needs

More Than just Dog Training

Headed out of town for a few days or a few weeks? Let us care for your beloved pooch. Fido will have around the clock care as they stay here at my home, for some fun times in the country just being a dog.

Want to be more hands on in the training process? We have you covered! From basic problem solving to off leash obedience, I have a lesson plan for you.