Strengthening the bond between owner and dog

Group Classes

6 Weeks & Specialty

Do you feel over stressed and out of control in your own home? Does Fido destroy the furniture or dig up the flowers? Perhaps she surfs the counter or dinner table for tasty morsels? How about rush out the front door or jumping on your guests? You will be amazed by what a little bit of common sense leadership and a deeper understanding of how Fido thinks and interacts with the world around them can do for bringing harmony back into your home. In one, 3 hour session, I can help you make quick improvements in your dogs behavior and help you build a better bond. The lesson is completely customized to fit your dog and needs. We can cover leash pulling, resource guarding, jumping up, even aggression and reactivity. Let me help you bring peace back to your home and build a better bond with your beloved pooch.

​Lessons can be in your home or here with me. Call me for details.

Looking for a fun activity for yourself and your pooch? Want to learn something wile doing it? Group classes are a great, and inexpensive, introduction to obedience commands, better communication with your pooch, basic problem solving, and fun games for Fido. All while having a bit of social time. Over the course of 6 weeks, we'll introduce clicker/marker training, polite leash walking, basic obedience commands like sit and down, basic problem solving, and a bit of doggy psychology.  We'll also try to have a bit of off leash play/social time.  ​We will also be offering specialty classes, focusing on one particular topic; such as leash pulling, jumping up, etc. Prices for specialty classes are per lesson and you can pop in any time or as often as you want.

​Stay & Learn

I'm often asked, 'when is the best time to start training my puppy'. The answer is, as soon as you bring them home. By getting started right away, you can build a foundation of good behavior for a lifetime. Oftentimes, my clients want to get a head start on things before they even bring puppy home. From the right crates, bowls, beds and toys, to introducing puppy and children, we can cover it all. We will socialize puppy to new sights, sounds and experiences, begin introducing clickers and basic commands, as well as heading off nipping and other unwanted puppy behaviors. I cannot stress enough the importance of heading off problems. Nipping them in the bud is much easier and makes for a much happier family.

This is available in group, private and stay & learn options. 

Busy schedule, with little time for hands on training? Perhaps the behavior issues are greater than you can handle? That's nothing to feel guilty about. Perhaps you have a big trip coming up, and would like to get some training while Fido is being boarded? Then our stay & learn program is for you! As with all of our programs, the stay & learn is completely customized to your needs. While here, we'll cover your goals and behavior needs, as well as shaping obedience commands. Things like coming when called, sit, down, go to your place, wait at the door, walk politely on leash, etc will all be covered. This program is ideal for behavior issues like rushing out the doors, jumping up, excessive digging, chewing or barking, fear or anxiety, etc. With 2, 3 and 5 week programs available, we have an option to tackle all of your training needs.  Once their time is done here with me, I will deliver Fido home to you and we'll have a lesson of our own to make sure everything sticks and give you a deeper understanding of your dog and how they deal with the world around them. 

  • 2 Week Program- Intro to the basics of obedience, like sit, down, place, walk politely on leash, recall, etc. Problem solving, like counter surfing, nipping, digging, jumping up, door rushing, etc.
  • 3 Week Program- Intermediate obedience skills working towards off leash. We'll also make a few trips out into the public for a bit of practice with all the distractions of life.
  • 5 Week Program- Public access obedience. We'll help Fido transfer his new skills over to the public. The last 2 weeks, we'll go out into public at places like home depot and the pet stores, every day, practicing our manners with all the distractions of life, helping Fido be more social and relaxed. If you're looking for more precise obedience, working towards off-leash, this program is ideal.  

All S&L programs include a coming home lesson lasting between 2-3 hours and all follow-up lessons for the life of your pooch.

​Personalized Training Session

Our Services: We offer a variety of options for owners and their dogs. We shape and personalize the sessions to fit your needs instead of trying to fit you into a cookie cutter program.

Boarding & Daycare 

Does Fido have trouble at your regular boarding facility? Have you been told not to bring him back? Perhaps you don't feel comfortable sending your pup to an impersonal facility, where the care givers go home at night leaving your baby all alone or you're not sure if they're in crates all day. Let me take care of your baby. He can stay here with us, in my home, with around the clock care. While here, they'll get to romp and play in our large outdoor area, where they can dig and run and chase the squirrels.  Crate time here is minimal, reserved for rest times and sleep.  Otherwise we all hang out like a big family whether it's enjoying the great outdoors in my large fenced in yard, watching a ball game together or warming ourselves in front of a fire on a cold night.  That said, there is constant supervision and discipline so no need to worry about incidents (or the occasional tussles) because they are  caught immediately and handled.  So the environment is safe, comfortable and probably, just like the one you have when you are all home together as a family. Space is limited, so be sure to book early.

**Boarding and daycare is reserved for previous training clients and screened referrals only**

Puppy Head Start

​5 Months and Under

​Private Lesson Series

Perhaps you're interested in learning about commands and more of a precision obedience (sit, down, stay, place, recall, tricks and targeting, nose games, etc). Maybe the unwanted behavior is a bit more serious and we need more time walking you through rehabilitation. Then a private lesson series is for you! We'll work over the course of 6 lessons, honing your skills in obedience training, dealing with unwanted behaviors, whatever your needs and goals. I'll have a lesson plan for us, but you're in the driver's seat, as all lessons are customized to you and your pooch. Lessons can be help in your home, or here with me. Give me a call, and we'll start building your customized plan today.